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Do you need a special education attorney? It is understandable to be hesitant to approach a school lawyer. Parents often think that the presence of an attorney or an advocate will make their School District more defensive or in the worst case lead to retaliation against their child.

The truth is that the consequences for retaliation against Parents or Students can be more serious than the consequences for the infraction you contacted a school lawyer for in the first place. School districts are well advised never to retaliate against families of students with special needs for advocating for their children and exercising their legal rights.

Additionally, a consultation with a lawyer that has knowledge of school related issues can assist you in determine whether your matter is worth pursuing. This firm will not take cases that do not have legal merit.

We are always willing to consult with families that believe they have suffered injustice at all levels of education. Call a lawyer at Montgomery Law today for a free case assessment.

How much does it cost to retain an education attorney? There is no predetermined answer to this question. Every case has unique challenges. What we can say is that we work within each client’s budget to ensure that we are able to advocate for children at all income levels. Often times children in lower income school districts need the greatest level of advocacy. It is never an excuse for a District to tell you that they can not afford to provide your child with an appropriate education. Lack of financial resources should never be a reason to not advocate for a child. At Montgomery Law we would never turn down a client, that we feel has been victimized, due to a parent’s inability to pay attorneys’ fees.

This is not unusual! Especial for Parents that have no experience in education. How are you supposed to know what you are entitled to? Yes, school districts are required to provide you with procedural safeguard notices, but these notices can be complicated to read and are general resources that are not specific to the facts of your particular case. At Montgomery Law, based on the specific details of your case, we can help to inform you as to what legal or equitable remedies may be available to your child.

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Why do I have to bring my child?

Q: My child has been through enough, why do I have to bring them? 
A: We can’t advocate for someone that we’ve never met. In special education law there are mounds of papers that attempt to describe who a child is, but one face to face meeting can tell us more (almost) than a lifetime of records.

Of course, if there is a medical condition that doesn’t allow your child to come into one of our offices, we completely understand.

We will set up a meeting:

We will set up an in-person meeting to discuss your needs.


Record Review:

In advance of the meeting we ask that you scan and email or fax (or mail) us some of your child’s records so that we are prepared to discuss your concerns. If this is not possible, or if there are no records, we will listen to your concerns at our meeting.

Make a Plan:

After we have had a chance to review your child’s records and the opportunity to meet with you and your child, we will make a plan as to some possible next steps. Whether it be to attend an IEP meeting, request evaluations, file for Due Process, or something else entirely.


Enter into an Attorney / Client Relationship:

If we agree on the next steps and you would like to retain Montgomery Law for your special education law needs, we will enter into a written agreement. It is important to note that until we enter into a formal agreement no attorney/client relationship exists and you should not consider anything from any previous conversations to be legal advice.


Why Us?

Montgomery law Focuses on Education Law

You wouldn’t trust your dentist to operate on your heart. If you are advocating for your child, you need an attorney that focuses on issues in education law. While your family lawyer may be excellent, special education law is its own beast and you will be best served by a school lawyer from Montgomery Law that is familiar with the intricacies of The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and other relevant laws.

Call now to consult with a Special Education Lawyer or Civil Rights Lawyer today.

Proven Results

While it’s true that a lawyer is only as good as their next case, through past settlements and verdicts, Montgomery Law has recovered MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in educational benefits for its clients.


We are honored that you are considering bringing Montgomery Law into your corner during your dispute with your school or university. We are sure that you will agree that our firm brings the passion and fight you would expect from a team of Philadelphia based Education Lawers and Advocates. Education Law, Civil Rights, and Disability Rights issues are our passion. We are most at home in courtrooms and we never accept “No” from unreasonable school district attorneys as the final answer.

Please, when it comes to education, never settle.

Peace and Love, from our family to yours.

"Life's roughest storms prove the strength of our anchors."

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