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Why are you searching for, “Education Lawyers in Philadelphia?” Does your child receive special education supports and services from the School District of Philadelphia? Have you requested a special education evaluation, but have been told there are people in line in front of you? Is your child the victim of bulling in school? These are all reasons that you might consider hiring one of our Philadelphia Education Lawyers.

How much does it cost to hire Education Lawyers in Philadelphia?

Consultations are always free. IEP reviews are always free. Moving on from there, most, if not all of our special education cases against the School District of Philadelphia, we are able to take with no money out of pocket from the parent. We take these cases on a contingency basis and seek fees entirely from the school district. Why should you have to pay money to obtain the education for your child to which they are legally entitled? You shouldn’t!

Will the school retaliate against me if I retain education lawyers in Philadelphia?

The law says they better not! The legal consequence for retaliation is often much harsher for the special education violation that caused you to seek education lawyers in Philadelphia in the first place. Bottom line is that a Parent should never let the fear of retaliation stop them from asking for legal help. If there is retaliation, the education lawyers in Philadelphia that you retain will be able to assist you with the retaliation along with your underlying special education case.

What type of cases do the education lawyers in Philadelphia at Montgomery Law handle against the School District of Philadelphia?

Recent Special Education Decisions involving the School District of Philadelphia

If you have that gut feeling that the school is not doing enough for your child, contact one of the Education Lawyers in Philadelphia at Montgomery Law. We are looking forward to advocating on behalf of you and your child!