Education Lawyers in Philadelphia

Education Lawyers in PhiladelphiaEducation Lawyers in Philadelphia

Why are you searching for, “Education Lawyers in Philadelphia?” Does your child receive special education supports and services from the School District of Philadelphia? Have you requested a special education evaluation, but have been told there are people in line in front of you? Is your child the victim of bulling in school? These are all reasons that you might consider hiring one of our Philadelphia Education Lawyers.

How much does it cost to hire Education Lawyers in Philadelphia?

Consultations are always free. IEP reviews are always free. Moving on from there, most, if not all of our special education cases against the School District of Philadelphia, we are able to take with no money out of pocket from the parent. We take these cases on a contingency basis and seek fees entirely from the school district. Why should you have to pay money to obtain the education for your child to which they are legally entitled? You shouldn’t!

Will the school retaliate against me if I retain education lawyers in Philadelphia?

The law says they better not! The legal consequence for retaliation is often much harsher for the special education violation that caused you to seek education lawyers in Philadelphia in the first place. Bottom line is that a Parent should never let the fear of retaliation stop them from asking for legal help. If there is retaliation, the education lawyers in Philadelphia that you retain will be able to assist you with the retaliation along with your underlying special education case.

What type of cases do the education lawyers in Philadelphia at Montgomery Law handle against the School District of Philadelphia?

  • Individualized Education Program (IEP) issues
  • lack of meaningful participation
  • 504 plan disputes
  • evaluation requests
  • speech services
  • occupational therapy services
  • bullying
  • serious school incidents
  • sexual assaults in school
  • discipline issues (suspensions, expulsions)
  • manifestation determinations
  • drug and weapon violations

Recent Special Education Decisions involving the School District of Philadelphia

  • 18111-16-17
    • Issues
      • 1. Whether the District complied with its procedural obligations to Student
        under the IDEA, including the composition of Student’s IEP team
        meetings, during the 2014-15 and 2015-16 school years
      • 2. Whether the District complied with its substantive obligations to Student
        under the IDEA, specifically with respect to providing appropriate
        programming to address Student’s needs in the area of reading;
      • 3. If the District did not comply with its procedural and/or substantive
        obligations to Student, should Student be awarded compensatory
        education; and
      • Should the hearing officer order the District to provide a placement to
        Student in a different school that will meet Student’s needs?
  • 16947-15-16
    • Issues
      • 1. Whether the District failed to provide Student with the appropriate
        learning support, transportation, and speech/language therapy services;
      • 2. Whether the District should be permitted to conduct a speech/language
  • 16189-14-15
    • Issues
      • 1. Whether the District proposed and implemented an appropriate program to
        meet Student’s needs;
        2. If the District did not offer and implement an appropriate program for Student,
        are the Student and Parent entitled to compensatory education (for the period of
        May 1, 2014 through October 31, 2014) and reimbursement for the cost of
        Student’s home-based program (from November 1, 2014 through the present);
        3. If the Student and Parent are entitled to compensatory education and/or
        reimbursement, should the remedy be provided in the form of a special needs
  • 16378-14-15
    • Issues
      • 1. During the relevant period of time did the District provide an appropriate evaluation to
        2. During the relevant period of time, did the District offer and provide an appropriate
        educational placement to Student?
        3. During the relevant period of time, did the District offer and provide an appropriate
        Individualized Education Program (IEP) to Student, including appropriate goals, specially
        designed instruction and related services?
        4. During the relevant period of time, did the District comply with the procedural
        requirements of the IDEA for parental participation in the educational planning process
        and required participants at IEP team meetings?
        5. Should the hearing officer order the District to provide Student with an independent
        educational evaluation at public expense?
        6. Should the hearing officer order the District to place Student in the private school
        designated by Parent at public expense, or any other placement?
        7. Should the hearing officer order the District to provide Student with compensatory
        education for or on account of all or any part of the relevant period, and should the hearing
        officer order that such compensatory education be provided by the District in the form of
        a funded special needs trust?

If you have that gut feeling that the school is not doing enough for your child, contact one of the Education Lawyers in Philadelphia at Montgomery Law. We are looking forward to advocating on behalf of you and your child!



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