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Has your child been the victim of bullying in school by classmates or staff? It may be time to consult with a school bullying lawyer. The Office for Civil Rights has declared in their Dear Colleague Letter of 10-21-2014 that:

While there is broad consensus that bullying is wrong and cannot be tolerated in our schools, the sad reality is that bullying persists in our schools today, and especially so for students with disabilities.

There is no doubt than when a student is being bullied in school they will be distracted and will not be able to focus and as a result they will not be able to obtain any meaningful educational benefit from their time in school.

Warning signs that your child may be a victim of bullying in or out of school:

  • unexplained bruising or other marks on your body
  • loss of appetite
  • coming home with lost items, destroyed clothing or missing money
  • trouble sleeping or complaining of nightmares
  • noticeable depression
  • self harm

Performance in School: Students being bullied do not perform as well as their peers.

Omar’s Story

Omar was bullied in school by his peers. He was called names such as gay, homo and fag. He didn’t tell his Parents at first because he didn’t want them to question his sexual orientation. Omar missed a lot of school and often pretended to be sick. Eventually Omar was physically assaulted by another student and his parents became aware of the bullying. His parents contacted a school bullying lawyer at Montgomery Law and the lawyer was able to have Omar’s IEP refined, a safety plan was put into place and a sum of money was obtained that is held in trust for Omar’s educational needs.

Melissa’s Story

Melissa was “jumped” in a school bathroom. The assault was caught on tape with a cell phone camera and posted online. The comments on the video contained highly offensive racial slurs. Melissa’s mom saw the video and called the school principal. The principal said it’s not his problem since the video is online and that there was nothing he could do. The principal told Mom to “call Facebook.” Mom called an attorney at Montgomery Law. The school bullying lawyer was able to have Melissa placed in a new – private – school in a smaller, safer, more structured environment. Melissa is doing great today!

It’s important to remember that even when bullying occurs outside of school, the school can still be responsible for ensuring your child’s safety and making sure that the bullying does not impact your child’s education in school. Social media and other cyber bullying, even when done after school hours, still are likely to cause your child harm during the school day. If you feel as though your child has been the victim of bullying by other students or by school staff, contact an attorney at Montgomery Law today for a free consultation.

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