Canon imageFormula DR-C225 Document Scanner Review

cannon imageformula
cannon imageformula

So, this is out of the ordinary from the posts generally on this website, but the Canon DR-C225 is such a great product I thought I would take a minute to give a shout out. In the area of education / school law and as a “special education attorney,” document management is a constant challenge. It’s not enough that documents such as individualized educational plans (IEPs) and 504 plans and reevaluation reports and the like be filed away neatly, they must also be easily accessible. This is the tool for the job. I don’t have the specs, but this machine is a workhorse. It’ll scan two sides of a document at once, autorotate if a page is upside down and maybe most importantly … automatically recognize text. Why does that matter? Now you can search 1000’s of pages of documents for a word or phrase in a second. That’s huge.

As parents, it is crucial that you keep your children’s records in order. I have found, without fail, that the parents with the better set of records are the same parents that prevail in due process hearings. This scanner is going to help you stay organized, preserve important documents and reduce clutter. At a price point on Amazon of $390.00, it’s not the cheapest investment you will make, but I would imagine a product that works as well as this one does could command a much larger price tag. This thing is capable of servicing a good sized office.

Another plus, this machine has an economic footprint, it doesn’t take up much desk space.

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