Pennsylvania Special Education Hearing Officer

West Chester Area School
District 782 Springdale Drive Exton,
PA 19341

IN RE: Final Decision and Order


West Chester Area School District

The Scope of the Dispute

Over the span of the Student’s four years in high school, the Parents filed four due process Complaints. 1 In two of the Complaints, the Parents alleged denial of a free appropriate public education (FAPE).

In the other two Complaints, the Parents allege the District’s revaluations were incomplete, inadequate and inappropriate.

To remedy the inappropriate evaluation claims they now seek an independent education evaluation (IEE). To remedy the alleged FAPE violations, the Parents are seeking reimbursement for payment of school taxes and out of pocket expenses,

i.e., reimbursement for the 9th grade, 10h grade and 11th grade school years.2 The District denies any substantive or procedural claims


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