Date of Birth: xx/xx/xx

Date of Hearing: June 9, 2008

Open Hearing

Parties to the Hearing:

Mr. & Mrs.

Penn Hills School District

Date Transcript Received: June 12, 2008

Date of Decision: June 17, 2008

Gerald Dambach, Ed.D Hearing Officer


Student is an early teen age, grade 8 (2008-09) student at [redacted] Middle School in the Penn Hills School District. Student has an educational diagnosis of Autism and is placed in an Autistic Support (AS) program. The parents requested this hearing and presented two areas of concern: (1) ESY for the summer of 2008; and (2) IEP for 2008-09.

This Hearing Officer determined that the ESY issue would be heard with an expedited decision. A second session was planned to hear testimony concerning the 2008-09 IEP. At this first session the parties reached an agreement concerning ESY, so testimony was taken concerning the 2008-09 IEP. The parents only concern for the 2008-09 IEP was relative to transition and the “Piano Lab/Piano Class”


1. Is Student entitled to take the grade 9 regular education Piano Lab in grade 8?


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