Free Individualized Education Program (IEP) Review 

At Montgomery Law, we understand that an IEP (individualized education program) can be a voluminous and confusing document that you may not be used to or feel comfortable reading. With that in mind, we offer Free Individualized Education Program (IEP) Review where we will take some time to help you navigate your child’s IEP and put into simpler terms some of the jargon that may be present. Call today to make an appointment and take advantage of this free service. Your IEP review may be with either a special education attorney or a special educational advocate based on availability. Note that your IEP review is not considered legal advice and no attorney-client relationship exists unless one is explicitly entered into in writing.

The IEP is truly the roadmap to your child’s success in school, make sure it is a good one and never sign an IEP without thoroughly reviewing each and every page.


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