Due Process Hearing

HH (#7400/06-07 AS)

Date of Birth: xx/xx/xx

Date of Hearing: March 26 & April 3, 2007

Closed Hearing

Parties to the Hearing Parent


School District Sugar Valley Rural Charter School

Representative Andrew Phillips, Esq.

J. David Smith, Esq.

Transcript Completed

April 9, 2007

Date of Decision

April 13, 2007

Hearing Officer David Y. K. Lee


Student is an xx -year-old student in the Sugar Valley Rural Charter School (hereafter School). Student is an eligible student and is currently in the 12th grade. The parent disagreed with the Notice of Recommended Educational Placement (hereafter NOREP) issued by the School and requested a due process hearing.


1. Is Student entitled to an Independent Educational Evaluation (hereafter IEE) at public expense? (N.T. 17-18, 25. H.O. #1.)

2. Is Student’s IEP appropriate? (N.T. 17, 24-25, 33. H.O. #1.)

3. Is Student entitled to compensatory education? (N.T. 25, 477-478. H.O. #1.)


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