The statistics on child abuse and bulling are as eye opening as they are heartbreaking. If you think that a child may be being abused or may be in danger of harm, contact the police or child services immediately. Sadly, the signs and symptoms of child abuse and bullying can be subtle. Beware of children who have an adult knowledge of sexual words and phrases or engage in sexual gestures. Never leave your children with unknown adults and always remind your children that they can tell you anything and they should never withhold information from you to protect someone else. Also remind your children they they will never being in trouble for tell you something that someone else did to them.

Child abuse and bullying are social health issues. We all know that any form of abuse is devastating to the little lives of many children in America, and for some it’s even fatal. But, did you know that each week in America, the equivalent of a classroom of children is lost forever due to child abuse, neglect, and bullying? – that’s 5 a day! – That’s not acceptable!

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