Due Process Hearing

JB (#8225/07-08 AS)

Date of Birth: xx/xx/xx
Dates of Hearing: December 6, 2007, January 25, 26, February 14, 2008.

Closed Hearing

Parties to the Hearing Parent

Mr. and Mrs.

School District



Pamela E. Berger, Esq.


Barbara A. Rizzo, Esq.

Transcript Completed

February 19, 2008

Date of Decision February 27, 2008

Hearing Officer
David Y. K. Lee


Student is a xx-year-old student in the Chartiers-Houston School District (hereafter District). He began receiving special education services as a student with Specific Learning Disabilities as a second grade student. Sometime during the seventh grade, Student was given the diagnosis of Asperger’s Disorder. Student continued to receive special education services in a Learning Support (hereafter LS) classroom. The parents were dissatisfied with his Individualized Education Program (hereafter IEP) and requested a due process hearing. The parents were also concerned that Student has been a victim of bullying by his peers.


1. Were the IEPs for eighth and ninth grades appropriate? (N.T. 5, 7.)
2. Is Student entitled to compensatory education award? (N.T. 10.)
3. Was Student subjected to harassment (bullying) due to his disability? (N.T.


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