Student’s Name: M.H.
ODR File No.: 5801-05-06-AS
Date of Birth: xx/xx/xx
Dates of Hearing: September 29, 2005; November 22, 2005 Type of Hearing: Closed

Parties to the Hearing:

Parents Parent

Great Valley S.D. 47 Church Rd. Malvern, PA 19355

Represented by:
Heidi Konkler Goldsmith 30 Cassatt Avenue Berwyn, PA 19312

Represented by:
Hollie John, Esquire
Sweet, Stevens, Tucker & Katz P.O. Box 5069
New Britain, PA 18901

Date Final Transcript Received: November 27, 2005

Date of Decision: April 10, 2006*

Hearing Officer: Linda J. Stengle

*Delay in decision communicated to parties via phone call in March 2006. LJS


The student is in ninth grade and is currently attending a private school. The parents requested the hearing to challenge the district’s finding that the student was ineligible for supports and services under a Section 504 Service Agreement. The parents asked that he be found eligible, that the student be awarded compensatory education, and that the parents be reimbursed for the cost of an Independent Educational Evaluation.


Does the student qualify for a section 504/Chapter 15 service plan?

If so, is he entitled to compensatory education for the period from September 2003 through the culmination of this hearing?

Are the parents entitled to reimbursement for an IEE conducted by Drs. P and L?


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