ODR File Number: 8341/07-08 AS

Student: NB

School District: Penn-Delco

Type of Hearing: Closed

For the Student:

Ralph Gerstein, Esq.
Law Offices of Ralph M. Gerstein 31 Jefferson Plaza
Princeton, NJ 08540

For the School District:

Director of Special Education Penn-Delco School District 2821 Concord Road
Aston, PA 19014-2907

Leo A. Hackett, Esq. 300 West State Street Suite 301
Media, PA 19063

Dates of Hearing: February 27. March 5, March 27, April 3, 2008

Date Record Closed: April 14, 2008

Date of Decision: April 24, 2008

Hearing Officer: Daniel J. Myers


Student is a xx year old autistic resident of the Penn-Delco School District (School District) seeking a residential program and placement rather than the day program in a private school offered by the School District. For the reasons described below, I find for the Student.


Whether or not Student requires a residential program and placement?
Whether or not the School District’s proposed day program and placement is appropriate?


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