Due Process Hearing for Q.G.

ODR File No. 6106/05-06 LS

Date of Birth: xx/xx/xxxx

Dates of Hearing: January 24, 2006 – Open Hearing

Parties to the Hearing: Parent

Philadelphia City School District Parkway at 21st Street Philadelphia, PA 19103

Representative: None

Kenneth S. Cooper, Asst. General Counsel Office of General Counsel
440 N. Broad Street, 3rd Floor Philadelphia, PA 19130

Hearing Officer: Debra K. Wallet, Esq.

Date of Decision: February 14, 2006


Student [hereinafter Student] is currently attending [a] Charter School [hereinafter Charter School], but previously attended second through fourth grades at the [redacted] School within the Philadelphia School District [hereinafter School District].

Parent filed a due process request on November 28, 2005 stating that the School District “had an IEP meeting without my knowledge.” Parent alleged that she was not asked to attend this IEP meeting, that the School District had “labeled” her child, and that the School District had “fake” records.


  1. Did the School District hold an IEP meeting without the Parent being present?
  2. Did the School District label Student in some way which affected the provision of a free appropriate public education (FAPE)?
  3. Did the School District fail to identify Student as one in need of special education?

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