Reflection Rooms
are Not OK

“Reflection Rooms” – Has your school tried using a “reflection room” or a “quiet room” as a way to manage your child? Whatever the euphemism, these rooms have the potential to be little more than a cell where problem students are exiled.  If such a room is being utilized in your child’s school demand to see it it and ask for a copy of the policy  that details the specific situations that warrant the “reflection room” and know exactly what your child will be doing while in the room.  

We have seen cases where students are placed in old and empty storage rooms and left to sit on the floor. Some rooms reportedly have no windows on the door and some actually lock from the outside. We have seen comments in students journals that have actually said the student was told to “serve time” in a “reflection room.” Serve time?! If this expression isn’t synonymous with a jail sentence, what is?

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