Septa Strike in Philadelphia and Special Education

septra-strike-special-educationSepta Strike in Philadelphia and Special Education – Septa is on strike and you have no way to get your child to school. This is not a good situation, but the situation is compounded if your child receives special education supports and services. One source notes that approximately 60,000 children are missing school as a result of the strike. If approximately 15% of children receive special education, we can predict that about 9,000 children with special needs are being left home, in the most restrictive environment and that their Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) are not being implemented.  Strike or no strike, this is NOT ok.

The school district’s response is to excuse any student who is absent as a result of the strike. While this is a small courtesy, it does not solve the problem.

Services required by an IEP are still required despite a third party transportation interruption. If a child is eligible for transportation per their IEP the District must ensure that the child is transported to school. Services that are missed should be made up.

While we hope, for everyone’s sake, that the strike is short lived, if you child receives special education be sure to communicate with your school to ensure that they are not denied necessary services as a result of the Septa strike. If you have any specific questions regarding your child and their education, feel free to contact an attorney at Montgomery Law for a free consultation.

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