Due Process Hearing for S.L.

Date of Birth: xx/xx/xx

ODR File Number: 5773/05-06/AS

Dates of Hearing: 10/26/05,11/2/05,11/29/05,12/1/05


Parties: Parent(s)

School Dist. Of Philadelphia 440 N. Broad St. Philadelphia, PA


Heidi Konkler Goldsmith, Esq. McAndrews Law Offices
30 Cassatt Ave.
Berwyn, PA 19312

Deborah Greenfield DeLauro, Esq. 440 N. Broad St.
Philadelphia, PA 19146

Date Transcript/Exhibits Received: December 6, 2005

Date of Closing Statements/Record Closure: December 12, 20051

Date of Decision: December 31, 2005

Hearing Officer: Joy Waters Fleming, Esq.


Student, “Student”, is currently xx years of age and currently in the tenth grade at a private residential school, the [Redacted] School. Prior to his attendance at [Redacted Private School], Student attended [Redacted] School for ninth grade and [Redacted] School until the eighth grade. Student is eligible for special education on the basis of a specific learning disability (neurological impairment) and a hearing impairment. (FF. 1-5) This due process hearing was requested by his parents, Parent(s), “Parents”.


  1. Is the proffered IEP for the 2005-2006 offering a program and placement at the [Proposed] School appropriate?
  2. If the proffered IEP is not appropriate, are Parents owed reimbursement for Student’s attendance at the [Redacted Private] School for the 2005-2006 school year?

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