Special Education Lawyers: Do You Need One?

Special Education Lawyers: Do You Need One? 

special education lawyers
Special Education Lawyers – Do you need one?

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“If you have a child in special education and everything seems to be running smoothly, you may never need a lawyer. However, it is quite possible that at some point during your child’s education, it will make sense to hire, or at least consult, an attorney to help you advocate for your child.

When You Might Need A Lawyer

Here are some factors to consider when trying to decide whether you need a lawyer.

  • Complexity of the case. The more complicated your case is, the more likely it is that you could benefit from some legal advice. A dispute involving complicated placement and service issues, for example, might require the special knowledge and experience of [Special Education Lawyers].
  • Strength of your case. If you really don’t know whether you have a good case against the school district, consider talking to a lawyer. A good attorney should tell you how strong your case looks before you make decisions about whether to hire the lawyer.
  • Your time and energy. If you work full time, are a single parent, or have a difficult schedule, you may want someone else to take charge. On the other hand, if you have the time and energy to represent yourself and your child, hiring an attorney may not be necessary.
  • Your budget. Attorneys aren’t cheap, and the expense may limit your ability to hire a lawyer.
  • Your self-confidence. We think that most parents can be great advocates for their children in special education. However, if you doubt your ability to effectively advocate or negotiate, you may prefer to hire [Special Education Lawyers] rather than wage the fight on your own.
  • Who represents the school district. If the school district has an attorney, you may want the same protection and leverage.
  • Your relationship with the district. [Special Education Lawyers] may change your relationship with the school district. When you involve attorneys, the atmosphere becomes more formal and potentially combative. School personnel will likely be more guarded and may view you as a troublemaker or a squeaky wheel. Of course, if you are at the point where you are considering hiring an attorney, your relationship with the school district has already changed. And your child’s welfare is more important than a cordial relationship with the school district.”

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