Child’s Name

Date of Birth

5952/05-06 AS
ODR File Number

January 5, 2006, February 6, 2006, February 7, 2006, March 9, 2006, March 10, 2006
Dates of Hearing

Open Hearing

Parties to Hearing

Mr. and Mrs. Parent [ ]
[ ]

School District Contact
Judith Petruzzi
Special Education Director Keystone Central School District 95 West Fourth Street

Lock Haven, PA 17745

School District Representative Karl Romberger, Esq.
Fox Rothschild O’Brien & Frankel 1250 S. Broad Street

PO Box 431
Lansdale, PA 19446-0431

Dates Transcripts Received:
January 18, 2006, February 21, 2006, February 22, 2006, March 16, 2006

Date of Decision: March 28, 2006

Kenneth Rose Hearing Officer


The student is a xx year-old student residing in the Keystone Central School District. He is an eligible student identified as severely learning disabled. Student has hearing loss in both ears, does not wear hearing aides. Student has received special education since first grade. Student has been identified with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD and Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAP). The parents have been having the student tutored at [a learning center].


1. Do the student’s IEP’s for 2003-2004, 2004-2005 and 2005-2006 document completion or progress of the IEP goals?

2. Was the January 2005 reevaluation completed in a timely manner?

3. Should the student’s IEP have been revised after the January 2005 reevaluation?

4. Was the IEP team for 2005 IEP properly constituted?

5. Has the Kurzweil portion of the IEP been implemented in a timely manner?

6. Is the student entitled to a laptop computer at school district expense?

7. Is the student entitled to a school district funded tutoring program?

8. Is the student’s academic program at an appropriate level to permit student to progress in the general curriculum?

9. Have the parents received progress reports as stated in the past and current IEP’s?

10. Is the student being taught in the general curriculum for all subjects?

11. Did the school district mislead the parents into believing that the student was not capable of learning in a regular classroom?

12. Was the temporary placement an inappropriate change of placement?


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