ODR File Number : 7271/06-07 LS

Student: Student

School District: Coatesville Area

Type of Hearing: Closed

For the Student:

Phillip Drumheiser, Esq. Attorney at Law
2202 Circle Road Carlisle, PA 17013

For the School District:

Angelo Romaniello
Director of Pupil Personnel Services Coatesville Area School District 545 East Lincoln Highway Coatesville, PA 19320

Shawn Lochinger, Esq. Rhoads and Sinon
One South Market Square P.O. Box 1146
Harrisburg, PA 17108-1146

Due Process Hearing Request Date: January 7, 2007

Hearing Dates: May 7 and June 7, 2007

Date of Receipt of Transcript: June 13, 2007

Decision Date: June 22, 2007

Hearing Officer: Daniel J. Myers


Student is a xx year old child who was a student of the School District from September 1998 (pre-first grade) through January 13, 2006 (seventh grade). Student seeks compensatory education, alleging that the School District failed to timely evaluate Student, inaccurately identified his disability, and subsequently programmed inappropriately for Student’s special education needs. For the reasons described below, I award compensatory education, but I conclude that Student’s recovery of compensatory education is limited by the applicable statute of limitations and reasonable rectification period.


Whether or not the School District has provided Student with appropriate educational programming and placement since his first grade, 1999-2000, school year?


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